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Experience the Sheraton College Park North Hotel

Formerly known as the Sheraton Washington North, this is a suburban category 2 hotel. This means nights cost 4,000 Starpoints during the week, and just 3,000 Starpoints on the evenings. With the 500 check-in points (my SPG Platinum gift) and 500 points for Green Choice (skip the housekeeping!) both of my weekend nights cost mere 5,000 points. It is one of those hotels that “gets the job done”, fulfilling but not exceeding expectations.


Lobby - courtesy of Sheraton website

Lobby – courtesy of Sheraton website. Business center was added after this photo was taken.


The lobby was nice, with ample seating area. Check-in is on the left after entering, with the business center on the right. Associates were helpful and efficient, although they did make a delivery of toiletries to a wrong room for another guest.



My “upgrade” to a Corner King room was appreciated. However, upon entering the room, I was concerned with the weird configuration. The main room was triangle-shaped! Additionally, there was an awkward hallway just to the left in the room, leading to the closet, then the sink, then the toilet, then the tub, all in a row. I have never seen a hotel like that, as typically the bathroom is more of a square / rectangular shape.


Hotel Space / Ambience

It was very suburban, spacious, and lively. Lots of families and groups, coming and going. That weekend in early November, there were several weddings being held, so I came across wedding parties decked out and ready to celebrate.


Food & Drink

Breakfast in the Sheraton Club Lounge included nicer items such as smoked salmon one morning, and avocado on another morning. Other than that, you can expect your standard cold cereals, pastries, meats, and cheeses. I was not around in the afternoon or evening to partake in the hors d’oeuvres.


Gym - courtesy of Sheraton website

Gym – courtesy of Sheraton website


The gym was about as expected, with a few treadmills, couple bikes, and only a couple other machines and weight rack. However, it was well-lit with a great view. Sufficient for a smal=l out of the way hotel, this gym is similar to those at airport hotels. Given my time constraints I did not check out their pool.



Upon checkin, I was dismayed to find out that all suites had been taken by wedding parties! What unfortunate timing. They do have a local shuttle – up to five miles, or Greenbelt Metro Station. There you can head straight into Washington DC. Lyft was about $25 to DC, which was very convenient. I was in town for BAcon – the BoardingArea Conference – and found it more economical to stay way out in the suburbs, and drive to and park in DC.

In terms of surrounding area, the Sheraton is down a long winding road off the main street, across from an AMC theater, and close to a plaza with a CVS (for my churning) and McDonald’s (for that breakfast menu). Plenty of self-parking was available for guests as well. If I ever need to stay in DC on my own, this would definitely be an option to repeat!

Main entry - courtesy of Sheraton website

Main entry – courtesy of Sheraton website


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