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HIGHLIGHTS: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

This hotel caters to business travelers and convention goers, being in the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto. Highlights include a nice, spacious Sheraton Club, and their flexibility in upgrading my entire party to nicer rooms. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of their concierge who made this happen.



The hotel has a very interesting entryway in the heart of downtown, with tight turns and little space. Taxi fare from the Toronto airport will run you about 55-65 CAD, or about 45-55 freedom dollars. Check in is to your left, but look carefully. Although they do have a separate status line for SPG Gold & Platinum, they do it inefficiently, going between status and non-status sporadically, rather than prioritizing those with status. Not the biggest of deals, but something I notice from hotels. They also messed up our billing, putting both rooms of my party onto my friend’s card. We had to file a claim after the fact to swap one room charges to my own.



As we came during convention-time, the nicest category of rooms were taken. We were given small suites, with separate, walled off bedrooms, and a small relaxing area, probably about 500 sq ft in total. It was very inefficiently used – since there was such a large distinction between rooms, I only spent time in the bedroom where the desk was. I hope to come back and try the nicer 1000+ sq ft rooms at some point.



This was definitely a business hotel, with conventiongoers and people in business casual/formal attire, hurrying about even at the ridiculous early hours. Same could be seen in the Sheraton Club on the top floor.



I was only able to glimpse the Sheraton Club during breakfast & hors d’oeuvres, both of which were sub par. I feel the Club is used as a way to cheat Starwood Platinums out of their breakfast amenity.



This fitness center was spacious with a myriad of machines for people to use, suiting the size of the Sheraton. The pool was next to the fitness center as well.



There were plenty of high-ranking and popular restaurants nearby, within an easy 5-10 minute walk of the hotel. Unfortunately, even the highest-rated ones, with thousands and thousands of reviews, were simultaneously overpriced and vastly underwhelming, not comparing to California or even other parts of the United States. I tried several options, but overall I was seriously disappointed at the hype online. The hotel experience was adequate for a work trip, but it served its purpose.


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