This is part 2 of a review of the brand new Ritz-Carlton Bali. To read part I, please click here. After going the short distance to the Club Lounge, the door swung open just before I was able to reach for it. The Lounge Hostess that opened the door welcomed us and said that they were currently offering desserts and that we were welcome to take a seat anywhere and enjoy. Great timing!

The Club Lounge was large and had an open feel. It was already a little after 8pm by the time we got to the Lounge. A few people were finishing up desserts, but other than that it was pretty quiet.

There were plenty of seating areas, and candles set in brightly colored holders glowed softly on the tables.




Champagne is typically offered at Ritz-Carlton Club Lounges so after taking a seat on a comfortable couch, my husband asked what sort of champagne they had. The host replied that unfortunately they did not offer champagne but did have a Chilean sparkling wine. He accepted, but didn’t care for it much. I was tired and gladly took a glass of cold water.


The desserts looked great! There were all kinds of sweets. Warmed pots of chocolate were placed near skewers of fruit and marshmallows for dipping. What fun! I busied myself with the fresh fruit and chocolate, and it was delicious.


The peanut butter & jam bars tasted as yummy as they looked.


My 11 year-old self wanted to try all the brightly colored goodies, but I reasoned that I would be back the next night and could have more then. Custards, apple pie bars, s’mores bars…and this was just for dessert! I couldn’t wait to see what the club served for breakfast.



While nibbling on a tasty macaron I looked out the window to discover that the Club Lounge had its own swimming pool. I could also see the building that we had just been in. The Club Lounge pool was actually pretty big and had plenty of lounge chairs. I could see it being a great alternative for club guests that found the main pool too busy, and/or for those who had standard club rooms without their own private pool.


The evening temperature was warm in the mid-80’s, and the air held a slight breeze. Thankfully the Club Lounge temperature was nice and cool with great air conditioning.


The Lounge attendant was thoughtful, and kept coming over to see if there was anything she could bring or offer. It was a long wait so my request was simple- just keep the bottled water coming. Finally around 11pm she came over with a smile to say that she had just received the call that the room was ready. Yay!

She wished us a good night and we stepped out into the night where the buggy was back and waiting to whisk us to the new room…Stay tuned for Part 3!