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In September, Amex Canada announced a few key enhancements to the Air Miles Platinum Card, which included an enhanced earning rate and the introduction of the new Annual Travel Redemption Benefit. In addition to these changes identified, American Express AIR MILES®* Platinum Credit Card now includes an impressive welcome bonus of up to 3500 AIR MILES in bonus miles, which makes it the best AIR MILES earning credit card in the market. Lets look into these enhancements in detail;

American Express AIR MILES®* Platinum Card – Apply Now

Air Miles Platinum Credit Card


  • Annual Fee: $120
  • Welcome Bonus: up to 3,500 AIR MILES®* Bonus Miles;
    – Earn 1,700 Bonus Miles when you charge a total of $1,500 in purchases to your Card in the first 3 months of Cardmembership.
    – Earn up to 1,800 Bonus Miles – In your first 6 monthly billing periods as a new American Express AIR MILES Platinum Credit Card Cardmember, you can earn 150 Miles for every $500 you spend in purchases in each monthly billing period (up to a maximum of 300 Miles per monthly billing period).
    *Welcome bonus offer ends January 20, 2020*

  • Earning Rate:
    • Earn 1 Mile for every $5 in Card purchases on eligible food & drinks and eligible gas & transit in Canada (up to 30,000 annually). Such as eligible: coffee shops, groceries, restaurants, gas and transit.
    • Earn 1 Mile for every $10 in Card purchases everywhere else.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Annual Travel Redemption Benefit – Once per calendar year, when an eligible Cardmember uses Dream Miles with the AIR MILES Reward Program to book their first single flight or package vacation through airmiles.ca or vacations.airmiles.ca, they can get Bonus Miles equivalent to 25% of the net number of Miles used (up to a maximum of 750 Bonus Miles).
    • Comprehensive Travel and shopping Insurance coverage, including Car Rental theft and damage insurance, Travel Accident, Purchase Protection Plan, and Buyer’s Assurance Protection Plan.
    • Optional Balance Transfer Offer – Enjoy a 1.99% interest rate in the first 6 months of Cardmembership if you choose to transfer your other credit card balances to this American Express Card. Balance Transfer option is only available at time of online application. There is no balance transfer fee at time of application

Detailed list of benefits and perks of the Card are listed here

Personal Reflections

3,500 AIR MILES in welcome bonus miles with a minimum spend of $500 for six months, is an excellent return. I value Air Miles at 15 cents a piece, which makes the welcome bonus $525 in value. 1 Mile for every $5 in Card purchases on eligible food & drinks, and eligible gas & transit, is a strong addition as well. With a $30,000 cap on this earn rate, Cardmembers can earn an additional 6,000 Air Miles, annually. Complement the earning potential with the 25% bonus miles (up to 750 miles ) from the annual travel redemption benefit and you have a well rounded card that allows every member to earn and utilize the miles at a good value. 

Best way to visualize what you can do with 3500 Air Miles, use the Where can I fly tool ;

Air Miles Platinum Credit Card

One r/t trip in low season, with 4,000 AIR MILES


Air Miles Platinum Credit Card

One r/t trip in high season, with 4,000 AIR MILES

Overall, the benefits of the refreshed American Express AIR MILES®* Platinum Credit Card are really impressive and definitely make it the best AIR MILES earning card in Canada.