HIGHLIGHTS: Frites Las Vegas @ Excalibur Hotel & Casino

I really enjoyed Frites and their eclectic selection of drinks and variety of fries. I’m a huge fry guy, and it was very interesting to see all the different combinations and try several of them. Their Sausage Gravy Frites was my definite favorite, and a big hit among the group I was with. It’s a definite departure from the food court basics that you can expect and get anywhere. It’s part of Feel Good Brands – which also owns places like Krispy Kreme & Auntie Anne’s. This place had only been open for a month (since June 24) before I got to sample it – so always a pleasure to try new things!


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This unassuming food truck, located on the second floor of Excalibur Las Vegas, is on the pathway to Luxor, past the buffet and Buca de Beppo restaurant, separate from the food court. Across was a giant potato and above is a blazing neon sign that says “Revere The Fry” which is their motto.



Plenty of people walking about and by it, since it’s on a main walkway to and from the food court and Luxor. Some asked about the food and what the food truck was about.



Basic menu – House Frites being appetizers, sauces, meals, and desserts. Plenty of beautiful photos on the screen, rotating to pump that hunger! I should have added on an egg to at least one of my fries – missed out on that. Note that while the house pumps are complimentary, specialty sauces are 50c per. Peanut oil is available for those vegetarians.



You won’t find your Diet Coke, or even pepsi products here. We sampled an array of ginger beer, guava juice, orange Crush, and vanilla cream soda. Refreshing and delicious, and definitely an interesting combination with the fries.



I suppose the double ketchup fries below count as an appetizer, however they were not our favorite. It was hard to distinguish the taste from a regular or cajun fry.

Double Ketchup Fry



All the frites were done in about 7-10 minutes from ordering, made fresh and piping hot. While the castle ones looked interesting, all our favorites were definitely the sausage gravy frites. The sausage was soft and delicious, and I’m a huge fan of gravy, so it combined three things I just love about food – sausage, fries, and gravy. There was little distinction among the fry sauce and thai chili, as both (to me at least) were a bit spicy. By the end, we had devoured all of the sausage frites and castle fries.



These churro-style sweet fries were our dessert, however they were finished first! Sweet and delicious, and hot as well. The root beer had a heaping scoop of vanilla and was quite delicious. By the end the consistency was more like that of a thick milkshake.



I thought these prices very reasonable for an on-strip dining establishment – $8 for a loaded fries, including meat? I could definitely see myself coming back here for a late night snack. The lady made it a good point about drunk people food – for poor, cheap college students, for example, who want to go party/clubbing and then crash back at the (cheap) hotel that is the Excalibur, Frites would be perfect. And would you look at that, per the hours they’re open until 2am on Friday and Saturday. Take note people!



Sponsored – this restaurant review is sponsored by the establishment and property in general. No additional compensation was received for this post other than the exchange of product.

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