I just completed a 2-night business stay at the Renaissance Washington DC at 999 9th St NW. The hotel is an easy walk from the Gallery Place Metro station or a reasonably priced cab ride from DCA. It sits between the Convention Center and Gallery Place stations, but having tried both stops, I found Gallery Place to be the easiest for getting to the hotel IF you don’t mind the crowds around that area. In this case, traveling with 2 associates, we arrived at the hotel via cab where we were immediately greeted by bell staff. No need for assistance, but having bell staff greet you immediately is one of the marks of a quality hotel in my book.

Check in was fairly swift, though only one person was working the front desk. By the time I was processed, there were already 4 people in line behind me. I paid attention to desk staffing throughout my stay and did not note any other instances of minimal staffing, so perhaps my experience was a fluke. My other stays certainly seem to validate that. In any event, soon enough I was on my way to my 6th floor room in the Club tower, which was home to the 2nd floor Concierge Lounge.

My room was fairly standard issue Renaissance, but the results of the hotel’s recent renovation has certainly shown through. Furnishings have been updated, bathrooms are brighter and feature very nice walk in showers. The place even smelled new. I snapped a few pictures for your perusal.

I have to tell you, my favorite thing about the shower. That was the fact that they put the water control on the wall closest to the entry, and the actual shower head on the other wall. Why does that matter? I don’t have to get spritzed by cold water when I turn on the shower. Thoughtful, and I can think of some other hotels that I like a lot that could learn from that little feature.

Around the Hotel

The Gallery Place/China Town area is home to a plethora of great restaurants and entertainment. Check out the Gallery Place website for some details. Being an ex-resident of DC, I have some favorites. For typical American food, you can’t go wrong with Clyde’s at 707 7th St. NW. There are tons of restaurants in the area, but you cannot go wrong with Jaleo, Oyamel, Rosa Mexicana, or Proof. That’s not saying that others aren’t good, it’s just that I’ve actually dined at these spots, and know they’re great. Had a really good stay at this hotel, and don’t mind recommending it to you at all for your next trip to DC.