I just completed a 3-night business related stay at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Seattle. The hotel offers a great location with easy access to I-5. I was working in Renton, but driving against traffic morning and evening. The lobby feels modern Renaissance and I saw a sign that guest room renovations were coming soon. I found the rooms comfortable, perhaps a tiny bit dated – no power outlets by the bed (but a handy extension cord in my room at least). No worries though, as the stay was completely fine. All staff I interacted with during my stay were friendly and smiling. I was especially impressed by a gentleman working in the lobby lounge, Daniel, who’d printed up business card sized lists of various eateries nearby. Handy to have and he happened to be a great waiter. Here are a few shots of the room to give you an idea of what to expect.










As you can see, basic Renaissance Hotel. No complaints. The hotel has a compelling feature that might just make it my first choice of hotels when in Seattle again – the Concierge Lounge. You might wonder what’s so special about a domestic Marriott family concierge lounge. For starters, this one is on the top floor of the hotel and features a 5-star view. I apologize for the graininess, but you’ll get my drift.


Second, there’s a nice morning and evening spread. I was able to make most of my meals right there in the lounge with the complimentary offerings. You also have the option of ordering a meal from the hotel’s restaurant that is served in the lounge. Finally, there is a full-service bar staffed with a great bartender. Rather than the usual “honor bar” setup, you can order just about any drink you want. I found the prices to be pretty reasonable too.

All in all, a good show by the Renaissance Seattle. They had me at the Concierge Lounge.

-MJ, January 16, 2015