Warning: This post has nothing to do with Norway or travel.

I dropped off the grid late last week and over the weekend. I am back now, but the MJ on Travel staff is not quite the same. On November 30, 2013, we said goodbye to our family patriarch, and best-travelled feline friend, Oslo, or Sir Oslo Kitty Esq. for good measure. As the head cat in charge for 16 of his 17 years, senior staff attorney, and discerning lover of W Hotels, we will miss Oslo terribly.

Truth told, I’m quite sure one of the only reasons that MrsMJ has tolerated me for as long as she has is that for some reason or another, Oslo and I got along. Oslo arrived in MrsMJ’s life 5 years before me, always knew who was actually in charge, and never let me forget it. I don’t think anyone would disagree that 17 years is a cat’s life well-lived, and Oslo lived well right up until the end. In the last several weeks, it became clear that those 17 years were beginning to take their toll. Oslo spent Thanksgiving in the hospital receiving fluids, and even convinced one of the techs to share their turkey dinner with him. He was persuasive that way. Oslo came home Friday night, and wouldn’t you know it, enjoyed a second Thanksgiving dinner.

But by Saturday morning, it became clear that our time with Oslo was coming to an end. MrsMJ held him while his big orange spirit left this world for another where he is free to roam and chase all he pleases. We’ll miss you Oslo!

Oslo assessing the bedding at the W Atlanta Buckhead

Oslo assessing the bedding at the W Atlanta Buckhead, his first Atlanta home