Philosophically speaking, I suppose the past week has been one of the more interesting in a long time.  I don’t know about you, but it never crossed my mind that a volcanic eruption in Iceland would shut down air travel to/from/within a large chunk of Europe.  I certainly understand the “mechanics” of why it happened, but who woulda thunk?

I returned Friday night from a week of business travel.  Leaving last Sunday made the week seem long.  Other than that, it was a great and productive trip.  I flew in and out of Denver, but did project work in both Denver and Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The drive up to Cheyenne was not bad at all, but there isn’t much to look at once you pass Fort Collins.  This was my first visit to Cheyenne, and the state of Wyoming and there wasn’t much time to do anything but work.  That said, I’ve never seen a nighttime sky that color of blue.  I’d like to go back sometime.  The lodging choice for Cheyenne was the local SpringHill Suites.  Pretty basic, but the people were nice and the folks at the front desk offered a restaurant recommendation that I want to share with you.

We were on the hunt for beef, and we found certainly the best steak in Cheyenne at Poor Richards.  For about half the price I would’ve paid here in DC, I dined on one of the better ribeye steaks I’ve had.  Cooked perfectly, and full of flavor, this steak was the main attraction of the best meal of the trip.  Better yet, Tuesday night was half-price wine night.  A bottle of La Crema for 17 bucks.  Not bad for a restaurant!  So if you ever find yourself in Cheyenne at dinner hour, do yourself a favor and dine at Poor Richards.  (Note: Thanks to Dan Webb for refreshing my memory of history and Ben Franklin’s Poor Richards Almanac.)

Poor Richards - Not Sure What Ben Franklin Had to Do With It, Well There Was the Almanac.

After one night in Cheyenne, it was back to Denver and the Embassy Suites Denver International.  Had 2 great stays in the same hotel last week, and I should have a full review posted today.

As much as I love to travel, I love being home after a long week even more.  Well, I love being home as long as MrsMJonTravel doesn’t make me garden.  How’s that?  I’m in the office this week, and back out again the week after that in Seattle.  I’ve got a little blogging and gardening to do.  More to come.