News of inflight fights, diverted flights, and police calls remind me of an episode of SWAT or the old Airport movies, maybe even “Snakes on a Plane.” Instead, this is no Hollywood drama, it’s real life, and it’s getting out of hand. I’ve covered coach cabin etiquette and attitude before:

And I’m sure a few more too. The latest of these incidents happened yesterday when a Delta Air Lines flight from New York to West Palm Beach diverted to Jacksonville, FL due to a couple of passengers quarreling over reclining. Apparently, someone was trying to sleep on their tray table (never got that one either, but if it works for you, more power to you) when the person in front of them reclined. There was a bit of a spat, and according to multiple news sources, the flight diverted and one of the individuals was booted off the flight.

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OK people, I’ve tried the let’s all work together approach. Obviously, it’s not our fault that the airlines put those rows of seats too close together. It is our fault when we act like numbnuts, cause flight diversions, and inconvenience numerous other travelers. An airplane cabin isn’t romper room. It’s an aluminum (or composite) tube, laden with kerosene, and moving along around 9 miles a minute a few miles above the ground. Seriously, get it together!

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-MJ, September 2, 2014

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