People often ask why I fly British Airways as it appears to be an inconvenient option for me. Being based in Dublin means I have more reasons to fly Aer Lingus or Ryanair direct to European destinations. It would make more sense from a time perspective alone.

I continue to fly with BA even when it means I have to connect at London Heathrow. Despite some annoying aspects they still remain my carrier of choice. I have my reasons and here they are.

Strong Executive Club

The Executive Club is a very good frequent flyer programme which offers many opportunities to earn Avios points. Besides flights, I can earn with hotels, credit cards, on shopping and all sorts of things. It makes collecting points quite easy. Points can also be transferred to Iberia and Aer Lingus as well.

While earning is great, it is more important to have plenty of options to spend those points. I can usually find availability for the flights I want which is where other programmes fail. As BA is a member of the oneworld alliance, I can redeem my points on other carriers in the alliance. This is excellent value in some cases, especially for flights within Australia on Qantas in business class.

Delightful Cabin Crew

Besides having a very classy looking uniform, BA crew are one of the reasons I keep flying the airline. Many of them seem to wear their heart on their sleeve in that it is easy to tell who is having a good day and who is having a bad day. They are very real in a way that some over trained crew on other carriers are not.

All of them seem to have a decent sense of humour and appear to enjoy interacting with passengers on a social level. I have spent time in the galley having a chat on more than one occasion with BA crew, not to mention being given the occasional sneaky gift. All of this coupled with their professionalism gives me a great impression of the airline.

Mighty Fine Catering

Meals on long haul flights are of a very good quality and the choices are adequate to find something you want. In my experience the food is tasty, plentiful and on trend enough not to be boring. While I have experienced good and bad meals overall I find it to be consistently fine.

On short haul I am a sucker for the afternoon tea service. Finger sandwiches, scones and cake is right up my alley. While the meals in Club Europe on the shortest sectors are uninspiring and boring the ones on the longer sectors are excellent. Several times the cod has been a total stand out hot meal.

Decent Lounges

Lounges at British Airways vary depending on where you are. Places like Edinburgh and Washington DC have excellent lounges with nice decor to go with the decent food options. I have spent hours in the lounges at Heathrow and once you find a place to sit it’s perfectly comfortable. The lounge dragons are always ultra lovely!

Another advantage is their alliance membership. The lounges of the other oneworld carriers are some of the best in the world. My BA status lets me in to those lounges and that makes me happy. Sometimes those great partner lounges are the lounge British Airways uses, such as the Cathay Pacific one in Paris.

Champagne! Yes, One Of My Reasons!

Regular readers know that I like Champagne. British Airways serve a decent drop in Club Europe and they have feature Champagne bars in the first class lounges. Bubbles everywhere and I like it like that.

It is nice that BA treat you like an adult and serve what you ask for which is different to Qantas who actively monitor your consumption and won’t provide more unless what you already have is completely gone.

Overall Thoughts

While I continue to be based in Europe I will continue to fly British Airways. Unless something else comes along that is more convenient or offers a better frequent flyer programme, there really is no reason to switch. In Australia I was a member of Qantas Frequent Flyer and the BA programme feels far more convenient to use though things may have changed since I last had status with them.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Tony Rogers via Concorde SST