Every once and a while, I get emails from readers with various questions about my thoughts on something travel related. Historically, I’ve kept them to myself for no real reason, so I’ve decided they might make interesting blog material. For every one question, I’ll bet 10 others have been wondering the same thing anyway. With that, on to the question. Reader M. asks:

“I need some help. I want to have your thoughts on Delta medallion membership. I am a silver this year and am about 2k shy of making Gold. I could take a quick trip but I am not sure if I should go for the gold or take the rollover miles of about 24k and go for it next year. I am based out of LAX so the upgrades as a silver are nil.

My problem is that I will make silver again next year for 2013 but I don’t think I will come close to 50k in trips. My trips for next year are LAX-JFK twice, YYZ once, FLL, once, SLC twice, and finally DUB or Rome with a stop in London.

As you seem to fly Delta often I would like your thoughts.”

And MJonTravel responds:

“Thanks for reading, and your note. I’d have to say the answer to your question from my perspective is an unhelpful “it depends.” 🙂 I’ll begin with saying that the difference between Gold and Silver is, in my opinion, noticeable. Sky Priority service when the upgrade doesn’t clear is reason enough to have Gold in my book. (even though I expect I will only be a Silver next year)

Based on your travel plans, it appears that alone is enough to make Silver for the following year. Might as well go for Gold and enjoy the benefits next year, even if you only are able to maintain Silver in 2013. If you weren’t going to fly as much next year as it appears you will, then I might recommend banking those extra miles to rolling over into next year and having an easy climb to maintain Silver again in 2013. 

Just my thoughts.”

How do you feel about my advice? Do you have a different take on things?