Reader S writes:

“Thanks for all your insights.
I live in Seattle and wanted to know what your thoughts are on which airline frequent flier plan I should focus on.
We travel 3-4 times a year.  We mainly like to go to Hawaii, California with occasional trips to Asia (Korea) and Europe.
Thanks a bunch!”

MJ on Travel Responds:

“Thanks for your email. This is just my opinion, but I think your
location and places you want to fly fit perfectly with Alaska Airlines
Mileage Plan. They offer flights to the destinations you mention, and
for the destinations that they don’t serve, Korea and Europe, you
could fly Other airlines including AA, BA, or Delta and credit your
mileage to your Alaska account since these airlines (and others) are
partners with Alaska.

Consider the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card as well. Not only
will you earn extra miles, the card comes with an annual $99 dollar
companion certificate valid in any class of service.

You can find details about Alaska’s mileage program, partners and
credit cards at”