Reader E. writes with a question about searching for repositioning cruises.

Hi MJ,

I am interested in doing a repositioning cruise from SFO-Vancouver or other short repositioning cruises. Could you give some advice or even a series on how to find repositioning cruises?


MJ responds

Hi there. Repositioning itineraries are often unique, interesting….and more than not, cheap. I’ve never quite figured out why but I suppose the idea of cruising one way and then flying one way may be offputting for some…or sound more complicated than it really is.

Royal Caribbean actually has a “Repositioning” option on their website for itinerary searches.
Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 7.40.07 PM
I also noted that even has a “US Pacific Coast” search option under the “Destinations” option on their cruise search page.
Inline image 1
Inline image 2
When I looked at that I saw several options that may be interesting to you. Hope this is helpful. Feel free to write back with any questions.
One thing I should have added is to never hesitate to contact a reputable travel agent for assistance finding unique cruise itineraries.