Just a brief word on the beautiful new Terminal 2 at the Raleigh Durham International Airport.  I actually flew in just after the terminal opened but was in such a hurry, I really had no time to stop and soak in my surroundings or visit the new American Airlines Admirals Club here.  I built extra time into my schedule for this quick visit to rectify that problem.  In fact, I’m blogging from the RDU Admirals Club right now.

I’m not an architect, but frankly, I think the new terminal is beautiful.  Lots of glass, and high ceilings, but not horribly over-done either.  Only one half of the terminal is open right now, with the remaining gates under construction and slated to open in 2011 according to RDU.com.  But the section that is open is quite nice, and a vast improvement to the old Terminal C, a relic from the days when American Airlines maintained a fully-functioning connecting hub here.

Terminal 2 is currently served by American, Delta/Northwest, and United, with other airlines coming when the remainder of the terminal opens in 2011.  In the meantime, if travel brings you to the area, be sure to Fly T-2.