AA – US?

To not have generated any comments to the blog, my post on the possibilities for American and US Airways surely did generate some traffic.  I must not be the only one who thinks that the possibilities are endless….or at least interesting.

Thanksgiving Holiday Travel

For all the bobble-headed blathering about massive crowds, high fares, and general awfulness, the Thanksgiving holiday travel period so far seems to be running smoothly.  That is, unless you were a passenger on the Norwegian Dawn this week.  How awful for those cruisers and the ship’s crew too.

Christmas Holiday Travel?

I expect it will be busy, but as long as the weather cooperates, I don’t foresee any major meltdowns.  I do predict more bobble-headed blathering about how awful it’s going to be.  Unscientific observation:  I checked fares today from DCA to RDU just in case I saw an opportunity to NOT drive down I-95 this year.  $300 roundtrip is more than I’m willing to pay for that route.  I know you can’t judge everything by the seatmap, but based on the number of empty seats showing for the flights I wanted, I expect some last-minute deals for the Christmas holiday.  Stay tuned….and keep an eye on things….you might find that price you’ve been looking for yet.