The Upgrades Have Cleared

I don’t know what it is, but a trip just seems to flow better when those elite upgrades clear in advance.  I’m already cleared for my OKC-DFW-DCA trip tomorrow.  I don’t know why I even bothered with the OKC-DFW leg, but I went ahead and upgraded that one too!  Life is good.

Extended Stay Hotels Can Be a Good Thing

I’ve enjoyed my stay at the Sheraton Oklahoma City as I posted yesterday.  And the 7 night stay will make a bit of a dent in my quest for Starwood Platinum this year.  But no doubt about it, next time I’m in one place for longer than 4 nights, I’m going with an extended stay hotel…..(think Residence Inn, Homewood Suites, or Element).  Sometimes it’s just nice to heat up a bowl of soup and kick back on the couch.

Sometimes It’s Good to Get Out of Washington

Living and working in Washington, DC, can make it a little too easy to forget that outside DC’s beltway lies a whole ‘nuther country.  I’m fortunate to have the gift of travel, both business and personal, on a frequent enough basis that I’m often reminded just how great the rest of America…the real America is.  A friend of mine, a military guy who spent untold amounts of time overseas frequently used a phrase that has become a favorite of mine, “only in America.”  Only in America, indeed.