Of course, I’m not actually there yet as I write this via GoGo, but I am well on my way. Delta routinely posts 40 minute boarding times when they usually only use 30 minutes, but I got to the gate right at scheduled boarding anyway. The airplane had just blocked in. I thought to myself that I should’ve just stayed in the club and had another coffee, because there is just no way we are boarding anytime soon. Not only did we board soon, but we pushed back 2 minutes early….and this flight is packed.

TSA PreCheck

The line looked ominous this morning at just before 7am in Atlanta. I mean…it was lengthy. But the wait is worth it to me in order to avoid shoe carnival. Not only that….I’m not even sure where my 3-1-1 bag is anymore. Even if the line looks ominous, it still beats the alternative. The end result – I was through in 5 minutes anyway. The line moves! PreCheck still rocks.

The Sky Club

As my colleagues and I sat down in the T-Con Sky Club this morning where I’ve never had to hunt for three chairs, we all took a little solace that we could still visit and get work done before our flights. Come May 1, that goes away, and the coffee and bagels just aren’t worth $29 bucks each. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Which reminds me – I need to write a post on Sky Club etiquette when traveling with others (not my spouse…because she’s getting in regardless 🙂 ).


I’m a Platinum Medallion, and I was #25 on an upgrade list of 60 for this flight to DC. Sometimes things don’t work out. That is all.

-MJ, January 21, 2014