Baggage Fees

US Airways jacks up baggage fees.  Not a big shocker, but I think we’re getting close to a breaking point in how much consumers are willing to tolerate.  I mean seriously, it’s starting to get a little nutty.

On Board Delays

The stem is coming off the rose in regards to travelers’ continued tolerance of airline excuses in regards to extended tarmac delays.  The Continental Express incident in Rochester, MN has all but assured passage of some form of “bill of rights” legislation.  It’s well intended, but like a lot of well intended pieces of legislation, the unintended consequences of it will be worth watching.  As useless as I think the legislation will be, the airlines have no one to blame but themselves for not fixing the problem.  And yes, I know government and the antiquated air traffic control system are to blame as well.  Regardless, airlines have got to stop treating their customers like crap…and sometimes, they may need to work together in order to do so.  (Hear that, Mesaba?)

Delta Brings Business Elite to Transcons

Delta Air Lines is introducing its Business Elite product to transcontinental flights from New York – JFK to Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Delta says it will use Boeing 757s on the flights which feature Business Elite cabin seats with 150 degrees of recline and 55 inches of pitch.  Delta also expects to have wi-fi on all of its transcontinental flights by the end of the year.

How’s that for a post of “random musings?  🙂