Hi from Atlanta.  Flew down Monday on Delta, and return to DC tomorrow afternoon.  Lord I miss being Delta Medallion!!!  I had to ride in coach, no less!  Bunking at the Embassy Suites Centennial Park this week.  I’ve reviewed it before, so I won’t bother with a new one.  I have discovered a fabulous new restaurant that I will review in full, as soon as possible.  Peasant Bistro is a real gem, and if travel brings you to downtown Atlanta, I recommend you find it!

American was first out of the gate with results this week.  They were pretty much as expected….bad.  And in the best example ever (well, aside from my own departure) of the brain drain the domestic airline industry faces, Larry Kellner of Continental announced that he is leaving the airline at the end of the year to run a private equity firm.

More to say this weekend.  Stay tuned.