Delta 757 First Class Review: Delta offers a better product onboard than American or United.The airline’s food options are similar, but the service is much better. Add the IFE Screens and better legroom, and BAM you have a winning product. 

The Good: IFE SCREENS. FOR REAL! Delta has real IFE screens to watch TV and movies from. 

The Bad: The croissant from breakfast was not warm. 

The Noteworthy: Delta has a snack basket in the galley for passengers to grab after the meal. 


SJU Airport

I arrived very early to San Juan, with hopes of being able to get through security quickly and grab food at the terminal. My experience with American has made me jaded to airline breakfast, so I decided to get some coffee and a bite to eat before the flight. As soon as I was done with my mini-breakfast, boarding for the flight began.


Fast Facts

Airline: Delta Airlines

Cabin: Domestic First Class

Seat: 2A

Aircraft: 757-200

Flight Number: DL 922

Route: San Juan SJU- Atlanta ATL

On Time: Yes


Seat and Cabin

Delta has a variety of configurations on their 757s. This plane was configured with 20 seats in a 2×2 arrangement. My seat, 2A, had more legroom than most modern AA 737s and L-US Airbus aircraft. Waiting at my seat was a blanket as well as a pillow. There were also water bottles placed in the seat back pockets of every seat. Also worth noting how I had a proper IFE screen. Delta and JetBlue are alone in this amenity it seems. American, United and Alaska have all moved to internet based, personal screen IFE. This is usually fine for me, but for families of 2+ kids that becomes an issue.

Delta First Class Seat 757X

Delta First Class Seat 757X

An Actual IFE Screen on a 757!!!

An Actual IFE Screen on a 757!!!

Departure and Take off

As soon as I was seated, the flight attendant came by to welcome every passenger by name. I was offered a pre-departure beverage. I ordered orange juice and more coffee. Both were promptly brought with a smile. 

The pilot came on the PA system quickly after to inform us of a smooth flight, an ontime arrival, and to welcome us aboard Delta. We were soon taxiing to the runway. It was a beautiful day to fly, and the views after take off were amazing. I love Puerto Rico. 



Soon after take off, the seat belt sign was turned off. The flight attendant came by asking what we wanted for breakfast. I ordered the omelette. When she was done taking orders, she came by and placed a cloth on the tables. 

Breakfast was presented in one tray, as is customary on US carriers. The meal looked bland, if not pale, except for the tomato. I have to say, the food was great by US standards. The eggs were flavorful and the tomato was delicious. The two downsides were the croissant was cold, and the potatoes were hard. 

Delta Airlines First Class Breakfast

Delta Airlines First Class Breakfast

After breakfast was served, the FAs put a snack basket in the galley for people to grab food if they got hungry throughout the flight. The FA’s also came by the cabin every 20-30 minutes to refill beverages. 

First Class Snack basket

First Class Snack basket

Notes on Service, Wifi and Distinctions

First, I want to point out that service on this flight was impeccable. The crew were all smiles and addressed every passenger by name. They were proactive and efficient. Second, the aircraft had wifi, which was a bit difficult to log on, but worked great once you did. Speeds were fast and I could easily browse websites and Instagram. It was provided by Gogo service. Finally, the small notes that make a flight better, such as lotion in the bathrooms, a proper IFE screen, and water bottles at every seat, make a huge difference in the passenger experience. They may be minor, but do go to show that an airline cares about its premium passengers.

Landing and Arrival

I took a nap after watching some movies on the IFE screen. I woke up about 35 minutes to landing, with the FAs preparing the cabin. They thanked every passenger for flying Delta and wished us a safe onward journey. We landed early at Atlanta and proceeded to our gate in Terminal F. 


Landing Thoughts

Delta has a superior product to United and American. There’s not denying it. Hopefully both airlines will try to catch up and improve. I am not a fan of Delta, but they do run a great airline. Sometimes I am tempted to switch, but living in Philadelphia, their schedules are not ideal. Either way, this trip showed me how poor American is acting. 


What do you think? Have you flown with Delta American and United? Which one was the best? Why? Let us know!


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