According to multiple online and media reports including this USA Today article, Devinly Decadence, formerly an upcharge restaurant aboard Quantum of the Seas is now complimentary. Devinly Decadence, inspired by chef Devin Alexander is one of 18 eating spots on board the third largest cruise ship in the world. Previously, the restaurant was complimentary for breakfast, but lunch and dinner came with a seating fee of $10 and $20 per person, respectively. Now, the restaurant is available for no additional charge at all meal times. Personally, I dined at the restaurant three times, 2 X for lunch, and then for breakfast on disembarkation day upon returning to Bayonne. All meals were great. I especially appreciated the serene atmosphere for breakfast on what can be a madhouse day on any cruise – turnaround day.

quantum of the seas


Why the Change?

While I did not personally experience reservations issues or crowding problems during most of my meals while on board the December 1 cruise, There were definitely peak times that lines formed at the then four complimentary restaurants. This adds some much needed relief to the four main restaurants. It happens to be a pretty nice spot located in the ship’s beautiful (best in fleet IMHO) solarium too.

Reports from the ship online indicate that the dining situation has improved over time, and this can only help. It also makes it an ideal week to complete the review of my new favorite ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet. Yes, I’m a Dynamic Dining convert.

-MJ, January 19, 2015