A German flight attendant on the way to her hotel in Buenos Aires met an irresistibly cute stray pooch, and she couldn’t help giving him some attention and a bit of food. He followed her the rest of the way to the hotel, and waited obediently outside as she went inside to check in and freshen up in her room.

She came back outside to play with her new friend, and dubbed him Rubio. Olivia (the flight attendant) spent as much time as she could with the pup and he was seen waiting patiently outside of her hotel, sometimes for hours when she was inside.

Olivia’s time at the hotel came to an end and she jetted back to Germany, after saying goodbye to her furry friend.

Two months later, she returned to the hotel and was astonished to find Rubio waiting for her. Her job didn’t permit her to stay permanently, so attempts were made to get Rubio adopted by a local family. The efforts failed though, and the pooch kept running away to wait for his beloved flight attendant. She traveled from country to country and was gone for weeks on end, but each time she returned to the hotel in Argentina Rubio happily greeted her.

After realizing that the doggy had eyes only for her, she adopted him and brought him home to live in Germany. Olivia has several other dogs and he has reportedly fit in very well at home, enjoying afternoons filled with galumphs around the backyard.

(HT: Good News Network)

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