I just cleared (Thursday at 3:30pm) the south TSA PreCheck checkpoint here in Atlanta. This is the spot that has been serving as the “PreCheck” area for quite a while now. I noticed a few weeks ago that the area had been enlarged. In a change since last week, Delta has added a Sky Priority lane to this area as well. Be advised – even though it might look like it from the outside, the Sky Priority lane does not merge with the PreCheck line. The entrance where this new Sky Priority line is located is essentially the same spot that was PreCheck. They’ve moved the queue entrance for PreCheck just a few feet away towards Brooks Brothers.

If you just follow the signs for PreCheck, you’ll be fine. Don’t enter the Sky Priority lane by mistake. It looks like it will merge with the PreCheck line in front of the ID and boarding pass scanner, but it’s actually divided. You’ll get the nekked scanner treatment there. And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

-MJ, September 18, 2014