Cathay Pacific have started flying between Dublin and Hong Kong four times a week with the Airbus A350 and they are using an annual food event to promote the service. Taste of Dublin happens every year and features restaurants and other food sellers promoting their wares.

It is a nice day out and you can sample quite a lot of different types of produce. The drinks industry is also well represented too, so you can also taste great wine, beer and Champagne.

Food To Promote Cathay Pacific

Knowing that Cathay Pacific would be at Taste of Dublin made it more appealing for me. Whenever I visit a Cathay Pacific lounge, I always have the Dan Dan noodles which I find delicious.

On arrival at Taste of Dublin, I went for a wander with my friend Andrew and we soon happened upon the Cathay Pacific stand which you can see at the top of this post. For €7 you receive a Bento box with Dan Dan Noodles, Char Siu Bun, Deep Fried Wonton and Vegetarian Gyoza.

Andrew was looking forward to trying the Dan Dan noodles since I had been raving about them after my last visit to a Cathay Pacific lounge. Pleasingly, he really liked them. All the food in the Bento box was really tasty, so it was well worth it. For an extra €3 you can get Hong Kong style milk tea.

For some reason I had forgotten how good this tea tasted until I had it on board a Cathay Pacific flight in business class last month. In that instance it was served hot.

I wasn’t aware this could also be served cold, so I was surprised when it arrived with ice cubes in it. The chilled version is just as good as the hot version, so that was more money well spent.

Cards and Competitions

Cathay Pacific are making quite a lot of effort to promote their Premium Economy product. It is mentioned prominently both inside the stand as well as on the promotional card you could take with you.

A staff member decked out in the red uniform of the company says hello to you as well. She carried an iPad and asked if we wanted to enter a competition. Who says no to be in to win a trip to Hong Kong? Not me!

Overall Thoughts

Using food to promote an airline is a pretty good idea in my book. I love all kinds of food and bringing some real Asian flavours that represent the region Cathay Pacific is from can only enhance the brand.

Everyone in there came across as very friendly which is to be expected at an event like this. All in all, I was quite impressed. Now all I need to do is to win that competition!

Do you remember any time you’ve seen an airline promote a service in an interesting way? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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