IHG Rewards Club wants you to stay two nights or more at The Venetian or The Palazzo between June 1 and August 30, 2014, so much that they’ll give you return airfare credit up to $350 if you return and stay three more nights within 9 months.

Register for the Vegas Fly Back promotion before booking. Once your first stay is complete, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to book your second stay using an Airline Credit Award.

If you complete your return trip within:

90 days, you get $350 credit towards the second stay
180 days, you get $200 credit towards the second stay
270 days, you get $100 credit towards the second stay

The following are things I noticed in the Terms & Conditions that warrant a second thought:

– You must register your Airline Credit Award at www.ActivateAward.com within 30 days of notification email.
– The return trip (hotel & flight) must be booked through travel agent partner ATG
– 21-day advance booking is required

Vegas is fun, and The Venetian and The Palazzo are great properties. I’m not keen on the idea that the second trip has to be booked through an agency, but if their rates including the credit are higher than the cost you’d end up paying if you booked yourself, you can always pass on the return trip. I recommend signing up and if you end up taking advantage of the promotion, jump on the second trip’s booking as soon as you receive the email so you can get as much credit as possible with the 21-day advance booking requirement.

Full Terms & Conditions.