Note – this promotion has now ended as of 12/7/18.

This is the best referral bonus for new Ebates users that I’ve ever seen. Sign up with my referral link and get a total of $40, $10 from Ebates and $30 from me. Read below for more!


What is Ebates?

Ebates is an affiliate shopping site that pays cash back to you for every purchase you make online. They can send you cash back directly to your Paypal, or mail you their trademarked Big Fat Check! When you shop online at specific retailers, those retailers pay Ebates for making a sale, who then pays you! Easy easy, and a win win! It’s free to sign up and gives you cash back where you’re already shopping anyway!

You can also get cash back from in-store opportunities as well, and for everything you can think of – technology, retail, ebay, travel, vacations, etc. They give you easy to use coupon codes so you don’t have to search, cash back for every purchase, and easy to understand terms of each partner’s programs!

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Promotion Details

  1. Sign up through my specific referral link.
  2. Make a qualified purchase of $25+ by the end of the promotion, and you will earn $10 from Ebates directly
  3. Email me your paypal details at
  4. I will send you an additional $30 to your paypal within 90 days of your purchase.
  5. This is a total of $40 to you, for signing up for Ebates and spending as little as $25.

This is the normal referral deal. For my link though, you will earn $40 for signing up with my link. $10 from Ebates and $30 from me!


Terms and Conditions

The T&C are the same as the traditional Ebates referral programs, listed here. This promotion ends soon, so be sure to sign up and purchase ASAP! If you want to check if your signup/purchase qualified, email me and I can tell/show you if it was.


Want more?

You can refer your friends to my link and I can send you (or them) the $30, for you to distribute as you please. That’s more than Ebates currently offers, which is only $25! This is a special promotion with Ebates, not publicly available. Let me know if you have any questions – leave a comment, let me know!

Note – this promotion has now ended as of 12/7/18.


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