Protesters dumping bags of feces at the Cape Town International Airport?

Photo Credit: Daquella manera via Compfight cc

Yes, while it sounds quite odd at first, that was just the scene (and stench) two weeks ago at CPT. It seems like a very odd choice of protesting or “poo-testing” as some may deem it, but its purpose was to call for action to correct the Democratic Alliance-governed city’s new sanitation policy. They allegedly dumped 10 buckets of (human?) waste at the departures terminal of the airport on June 25. This action was just part of a massive protest that has flowed over Cape Town in recent months, often referred to in the media as the “poo war.”

Why do so many people give a crap?

While many of us take our “daily duties” for granted, the humanity issues of proper access to sanitation can be a highly personal and emotional policy issue, especially when various socioeconomic factors influence government support, not to mention one’s basic human dignity and health concerns.

The government proposed replacing the old “bucket system” with newer “portable flush toilets” for citizens to use. But the residents, and protesters, say they are nothing more than a “glorified bucket” and provide nothing new or more sanitary, demanding real sanitation improvement for proper flush toilets.

No Bail for CPT Arrestees

Seven of the nine men who allegedly dumped human waste at CPT on June 25 were denied bail today by the magistrate judge they appeared before, apparently due to the likely risk they would commit a similar offence again, i.e. continue protesting by illegal means, according to the judge. The remaining two men were granted bail with conditions, due to their medical conditions.

Nevertheless, the Poo Wars protesting continues running in the streets.