Just about all travelers have heard of Airbnb by now, the go-to site for finding alternative accommodations other than hotels worldwide.

Things change though, and Fast Company reports that some hoteliers are now advertising on Airbnb.

According to the article, third-party booking sites like Expedia and Hotels.com charge hotels a percentage per reservation that ranges between 10 and 25 percent. That’s pretty high.

In contrast, Airbnb charges a paltry 3% commission. The math makes the decision an easy one for some smaller boutique hotels with smaller margins to begin with, and Airbnb is more than happy to have the listings.

Examples of hotels on Airbnb include The Guesthouse Hotel in Chicago, The budget-conscious Sea Rock Inn hotel in Los Angeles, mystery dinner venue The Lumber Baron Inn in Colorado, Brooklyn’s trendy The Box House Hotel, and The Riff in Manhattan.

Competition is good for consumers, and Priceline even listed Airbnb as a competitor in their SEC filings.

Boutique hotel owners are undoubtedly pleased to be able to advertise their properties on a big enough site like Airbnb without having to pay such hefty fees, and they get the added benefit of filling unsold hotel rooms.

It’ll be interesting to see how many more hotels jump over to Airbnb, and how long it’ll be before Expedia will try to buy Airbnb.

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