PerrierĀ® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water has entered into their first hotel partnership, with Renaissance Hotels. Just in time for New Year’s Eve celebrations, guests at over 80 Renaissance Hotels in the US will enjoy complimentary holiday punch bowls in the evenings made with sparkling Perrier.

For those not familiar with Perrier it is a calorie and sugar-free natural sparkling mineral water, first bottled in the south of France in 1863. It also comes in flavors such as Green Apple, Lime, Citron, L’Orange, and Pink Grapefruit.

The mixologists at participating Renaissance Hotels will offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic punch bowls featuring sparkling bubbles from the iconic green Perrier bottles.

The new recipes are aimed at the “next Gen business traveler” (aka Millennials).

Here’s a YouTube video of some of the punch bowls –

If you are getting ready for a New Year’s Eve celebration at home and want to recreate some of the drinks yourself, here are a few of the recipes via Marriott


In the announcement, Renaissance Hotels says –

A Renaissance Hotel stay injects a bit of serendipity into business travel, providing unconventional experiences and cutting-edge occasions to discover something new while making the most of any business trip.

Adding small touches like Perrier that help define the brand, Renaissance Hotels also made a short film called Business Unusual (just under 20 minutes) where Perrier and the punch bowls are utilized (around 10:30) –

Part of the partnership will also include Perrier Bubble Lounges around the world in conjunction with Renaissance Hotels’ annual Global Day of Discovery which will take place this coming year on May 17, 2017.