There is no such thing as a perfect flight, or is there? Throughout my travels I have gradually built up a list of things that make me very happy when I am flying. Sadly, almost all of them are out of my control so I am at the mercy of the airline. This is why your choice of carrier should be one of the most important parts of your holiday. Below are some bits and pieces that contribute to making a flight perfect for me.

No-One Sitting Next To You

Nothing puts a smile on my dial like the seat beside me being free on a flight. In economy class it means you and the person on the other side have an extra tray, an extra arm rest, and a whole seat to share for your bits and pieces.

In business class it means you can get up and down as you please without disturbing the person next to you. You also have a whole extra seat to play with. This can mean you sit in one and use the other as your bed. Alternatively you can use the other seat for visitors or to keep your things on.

New Release Movies

Movies are a very important part when flying long-haul. They keep people quiet and they pass the time. I don’t visit the cinema very often so it’s nice to catch up on my movies when heading to far flung continents such as Australia. A sad movie selection makes for a sad flight.

Perfect Friendly Service

Cabin crew can make or break a flight. I want someone who smiles at me when I smile at them, is friendly to me and treats me like a human being. When I go to the galley to get another drink I expect to be treated like a guest and not a nuisance. Happily almost all the cabin crew I have met have been very nice to me so I am quite lucky.

Series Box Sets

Delight ensues when I come across episodes of a series I want to see. One Cathay Pacific flight I was on had episodes of the UK version of Dragon’s Den and I was in heaven! These make a nice alternative to movies. When it’s a series that requires you to see the beginning, the first episodes should be made available for viewing. I’ve actually watched a whole series on Netflix based on a few episodes I caught in flight.

Delicious Dining

Airline food is essentially your restaurant in the sky. Food should be nicely presented, substantial enough and of decent quality. Most meals I have devoured have been quite good. As you move up to business class and first class, choices are important as is presentation to give that premium feel. When I have delicious and well presented food I am very happy indeed!

Unexpected Amenities

Royal Jordanian presented me with gifts on their flights in Crown Class. Jordanian pottery one time, a travel clock another time – lovely surprises both. KLM apparently present Delft Houses to their passengers. Things like this really make you remember your trip and I told everyone about my gifts which is great promotion for an airline.

Pajamas in business class, slippers in first class, amenity kits in economy class – these are still only offered on certain airlines and I love receiving them, using them or wearing them!

Overall Thoughts

Other elements such as a perfect check-in experience and speedy security and a relaxing lounge all contribute to the flight. Above are the things that make a perfect flight for me. What makes a perfect flight for you? Please leave your comments and questions below – thanks for reading!

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