I’ve always regretted never having the opportunity to fly Pan Am. An airline and a brand that represented the best of America. Thanks to the Air Hollywood Studios, I no longer have to wonder what I was missing. Join me and a group of first class travel enthusiasts as we embark on the Pan Am Experience! Our group has chartered Air Hollywood’s Pan Am 747 for an evening of first class travel!!!


Our 4+ hour event includes:

  • Check-in Experience
  • Champagne / Cocktail Hour
  • Gourmet four-course meal
  • Airline Uniform Fashion Show
  • Air Hollywood tour (Showing off sets and props from Movies such as Bridesmaids, The Wolf of Wall Street, and the hit television show Lost)


This is a private ticketed event, and there are just a few seats left. Our group would love it if an MJ on Travel reader could join us for a great evening reminiscing about a bit of aviation history while enjoying some great food and drink. The upper deck is sold out, but there are a few tickets left for the First Class cabin at $277 each. I hope you can join us for a fun-filled AvGeek evening on May 16th!

Click here for details. Password BREADPLATE.

Images courtesy of Air Hollywood