Just got the following email from American.

“Dear Marshall Jackson,

Because you are an AAdvantage Platinum® member, we want you to be the first to hear the exciting news we will announce on Monday — the new look of AA.com. Next week, when you log on to AA.com, you will see your suggestions reflected in a major redesign that makes your favorite AA.com features more intuitive, smarter and easier to navigate.

The new AA.com is just the latest in a long list of milestones we have achieved over the past 15 years aimed at improving your online experience.

Already this month we have launched the new American Airlines iPad® app, and next week when you log in to your account on AA.com, you will see the first of many more exciting changes yet to come.

We are focused on making your travel experience easier and more enjoyable. On behalf of all of us at AA.com, thank you for your business and your continued loyalty to American Airlines.”

I’m still on a temporary flying hiAAtus with American, but I’m happy to see they are moving forward with improvements to AA.com.  Looking forward to seeing the changes first hand next week.  Check out http://www.aa.com/new for more scoop.