I know that Northwest is known as NorthWORST in many circles, but my last 2 trips have been near perfect. I’m sitting at the NWA World Club in Memphis as I type this, waiting for my flight home to DC.

I was upgraded to first class on my flight over by virtue of my Continental OnePass Silver Elite status. My upgrade has not cleared for my return, but I have a nice exit row seat so all should be well. And maybe I’ll get lucky and clear at the gate like last time.

Northwest’s first class service isn’t lavish by any means, but the seats on the Airbus A320 are big and roomy, and flight attendants have all been unfailingly polite so far.

My flight home will be my 6th flight on Northwest in 4 weeks, and so far, they’re at 100% on time performance save 1 minor maintenance delay on an Airlink flight to Fort Wayne back in September.

We’ll see if they keep it up.