I received an email today seeking opinion and speculation on the recent Air France tragedy, and asking why I have not blogged about it.  To put it simply, blogging is a hobby, and my day job still involves aviation.  I do not work for the FAA or NTSB, but I am in and around aviation, specifically safety, and that’s about all I’ll say.   Some of the things I do at work would be interesting as hell to many readers, and I wish I could share them here.  However, that simply would not be appropriate.

While this particular accident involves a foreign aircraft flying between two foreign countries, I still wouldn’t feel comfortable opining on the situation here.  Do I have an opinion?  You bet I do!  But anything I would have to say about this accident would be pure speculation.

That’s the brief 411 on why I don’t blog about aviation accidents.  I’ll try to keep the things I can blog about interesting and fresh.  Thanks so very much for reading!