The New Orleans International Airport (MSY) is now the 84th Global Entry Enrollment Center where you can conduct your scheduled global entry interview, what I consider one of the BEST deals in air travel around AND what I consider a MUST do over doing the “plain vanilla” TSA PreCheck enrollment.

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CBP port director for the Port of New Orleans, Shawn Polley, commented:

Global Entry has proven to be a winner for trusted international travelers, and a program widely applauded by traveler advocacy groups. I am happy to open a Global Entry Enrollment Center here in New Orleans to make it convenient for Louisiana residents to complete their application process.

global entry interview

CBP Beagle Brigade searches arriving passengers.

MSY Global Entry Enrollment Center
Tuesday – Thursday, 9am-3pm
First Floor, outside CBP’s federal inspection station
Appointment required (booked online with Global Entry application) for global entry interview

Global Entry is a trusted traveler program that allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to save time when arriving into the United States from abroad by bypassing the traditional CBP inspection process and using an automated kiosk to complete their admission. U.S. citizens enrolled in Global Entry automatically become eligible for benefits of TSA Pre✓™ for domestic travel.

See my post for how to apply. Global Entry membership is good for five years and costs $100 (unless covered by your select credit cards or airline status).


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