I just discovered the new SkyClub changes we’ve been waiting for will arrive on August 14th thanks to FlyerTalk. Some will find the best news of all to be that Bailey’s returns to the complimentary liquor list. But there’s a good bit more, and this looks like a bit of an upgrade in food offerings for Delta Sky Clubs. From locally sourced bagels in the morning to salads in the afternoon and evening. You can review the list of options on Delta.com. Looks like DeltaPoints was right to wonder about when we would see these changes earlier this week.


These new options look pretty good, and I especially like the salads. I’ll be interested to see if any other changes are coming when Delta makes their official announcement about this. At least I’m assuming there will be a press release on this. What do you think of the new options?

-MJ, August 12, 2014