Just before boarding my 2:30PM flight from Atlanta to DCA today, the agent announced that they would be trying out a new boarding process. He was reading from a sheet of paper, so I take it this is something Delta is seriously considering. In short, boarding would go like this based on what I heard:

1) People who need extra time.

2) Families with children/strollers

3) First Class

4) Diamond

5) Sky Priority

6) Groups 1 through 4

While I’m not entirely sure how different this was from the way it’s always been in theory, they seemed to make a point of it, and really enforce the boarding order. I can’t say boarding went any better than usual as I was in first class, and boarded when I was told like I always do. As I passed the boarding pass scanner, I was handed a card with an email address to let Delta know what I thought of the new boarding process. Can’t really say as it just did not seem all that different to me. Has anyone else experienced this on a recent Delta flight?


-MJ, August 21, 2014