Yesterday, I flew one of Delta’s nonstops from Atlanta to San Juan. My upgrade cleared at the gate (I can’t believe how many elites were on this supposedly leisure destination flight), and all was well. Within 30 seconds of taking my seat I was greeted by a flight attendant offering me something I’ve never seen on a Delta domestic flight – champagne!


I was so excited I didn’t think to snap a picture until we were inflight, when I ordered more champagne before breakfast. OK, it wasn’t that exciting, but I was surprised that I would be able enjoy my favorite morning vacation flight beverage on Delta. Perhaps I should have known as Delta refers to the service not as domestic first, but Business Elite, and treats San Juan as international – complimentary libations were flowing in Economy Comfort too. However, other than the champagne, I could not discern any difference in service between this and any other domestic first class flight. Meal choices were cereal or the always trustworthy (and vetted by my buddy, The Weekly Flyer) Delta first class omelet. You know which of those I went with.


This particular cheese omelet was a tad overcooked, but tasty nonetheless, and accompanied by potatoes, sausages, and a delicious bowl of fresh fruit. Warm bagels or croissants were also offered.

All in all, great service, a great flight, and a great way to start vacation. Up next – a review of San Juan’s Hotel El Convento.

-MJ, December 7, 2013