I have to admit it….I had completely forgotten about the United res system cutover by the time I woke up this morning. Then, about halfway through my Venti Dark Roast at Starbucks, the light came on!! I immediately surfed over to united.com and found a slightly shaky but semi-functional website. My MileagePlus miles were all there, my status was there, and most importantly, my itineraries were there!! So far, so good. Have you had the nerve to check yet? What did you find?

Blogger’s Note # 1: All of my record locator numbers have changed. Doesn’t appear to be an issue, but be advised.

Blogger’s Note # 2: United.com is having difficulty producing receipts for my itineraries. I’m sure this will work itself out…again, just be advised.

Blogger’s Note # 3: I was able to email ticket receipts from United.com. Everything seems in order so far. Still waiting for the last one to arrive. Takes a few minutes.

Blogger’s Note # 4: From my perspective, United.com’s performance has gotten better and better as the morning has gone on. Obviously, I am not flying today, so I don’t know what the airports look like. I know some folks are still looking for their miles, but I would guess they will show up on their on over the next day or so. Others have some itinerary issues. From where I’m sitting, it looks like the cutover has gone about as well as it could have.

Blogger’s Note # 5: Some evidence of mounting issues at airports, things like OLCI boarding passes needing to be reprinted, and obvious training issues with some agents. I’ve been watching this FT thread. There’s also a Milepoint thread. I should also add that once I was satisfied that my itineraries had survived the cutover, I stopped playing around with United.com. I figure I’ll leave it alone so those that are flying today can use it if needed.