Hurricane Irene has already impacted my plans next week. Monday, I’m flying to Fort Lauderdale on business, and planned to take the 8:30am nonstop on US Airways. This morning around 11:30am, I received an email from the airline that my flight had already been canceled. Bummer! They provided a number to call and I got right through to an agent who rebooked me on a connection over Charlotte departing at 1:45pm. Fingers crossed that happens. I am working on a tight timeline next week, and don’t have much slack in my schedule for problems, but what’s one to do? I’m actually pleased that having updated my US Airways “Be Notified” profile, I received a relatively timely notification of my flight cancelation.

That said, I’m still a tiny bit surprised that they decided to cancel a Monday flight now. Turns out, US Airways has canned its entire operation at DCA for all of Sunday so there won’t be an airplane in place for my Monday morning flight. I won’t question their decision from the comfort of my couch, but I will say that it seems aggressive to put it mildly.

Pack your patience if you’re traveling on Monday. It could be a fun day at the airport.