The headline says it all.  Truthfully, other than having the elite membership card for international lounge access, I don’t guess I really care all that much about the annual elite mailing.  That said, I think it’s interesting to compare what’s included.  In the last 3 years, I’ve received “middle tier” elite packages from 3 airlines, American, Delta, and United.  From American, I got the Platinum card and a handful of those little certificates to hand to an employee who does something good for you.  United’s Premier Executive kit contained essentially the same thing.  Delta’s kit is a little better…..  as Gold Medallion, you get bag tags and 4 drink chits in addition to your membership card.

I appreciate the drink chits (which can be used to buy a snack item as well), and the bag tags.  Although I find it interesting that Delta provides bag tags but no “ties” or whatever you want to call them to actually attach the tags to your luggage.  All that said, I’d gladly give back the drink chits and bag tags in exchange for SkyMiles award availability that’s on par with United and American.  🙂  Sorry, couldn’t resist.