I recently posted about United and Continental allowing you to move miles between your OnePass and Mileage Plus accounts.  In a nifty move as they work towards merging into one program, if you have elite status in either program, they’ll match it in the other.  So if you are a United Premier Exec like myself, Continental will grant you OnePass Gold, and vice versa.  Credit the miles to the operating carrier’s program, and maximize elite benefits.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  They’ll combine your United and Continental flights for this year in determining next year’s elite status in what is supposed to be a new combined program.

In any event, my match came through in 10 days.  Well worth filling out the form if you’re an elite in one carrier or the other.

NOTE:  Reader mowogo reminds that Continental elites earn a 500 mile minimum on US Airways flights.  So credit those US flights to your Continental account!