Being in a temporary (and planned) travel slump, I’ve been thinking of little things I could do to ensure that I don’t suddenly find myself statusless next year. I could try a couple of mileage runs, and there’s a good chance that I will, but I actually need to head down to North Carolina to check in on my Mom pretty soon. We only have one car, and Mrs MJ on Travel needs that on the weekends, so my choices are Amtrak, plane, or walk. You know which choice I picked.

I poked around the interweb earlier today for flights and prices. Unfortunately, DCA is out because of prices ($500 dollar range for a roundtrip), so I expanded my search to BWI departures. Both Southwest and Delta have nonstops from BWI to RDU, but who wants to do that when you need segments?! Not me. I found a reasonable fare on US Airways routing me BWI-PHL-RDU-CLT-BWI. I need to go to Raleigh, and I need to start working on qualifying for Dividend Miles Preferred status for next year, and I will qualify on segments. Problem solved. Now I need to figure out how I can do something like BWI-PHL-LAX-CLT-RDU-CLT-LAX-PHL-BWI for my next trip to Mom’s house. 🙂 Not much time for that kind of thing right now, so this will suffice just fine.