Hat Tip – Lucky

Delta Air Lines announced this morning that the Medallion Qualification Dollar (MQD) calculator is now live on delta.com. I found mine earlier this morning.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 9.50.30 AM

Yikes! I know some people that would be top tier at half that spend. I’m truly not doing this correctly. I’m kidding! Well, sorta. That’s about what I expected. The overwhelming majority of my day job travel is with Delta, throw in a few personal trips, and there ya’ go. I’ll easily hit the $7,500 spend requirement to maintain Platinum Medallion beginning in 2014.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 9.56.07 AM


Starting next year, you will need to hit these minimum spend requirements if you plan to maintain SkyMiles Medallion status. I absolutely plan to because I live in Atlanta, and Delta is my airline. But these spend requirements really don’t matter to me because I carry the Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card and the business version of the Delta Reserve Card from American Express. I recently hit my $25,000 spending requirement for the Platinum card, and plan on continuing to do so for the foreseeable future. As you can see above, the MQD requirement will be waived for those who spend at least $25,000 in eligible purchases on their SkyMiles credit card from American Express.

So…how are you looking on MQDs?

MJ – September 9, 2013

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