I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about mileage earning plans for credit cards, travel, and general predictions for 2012. Being an opinionated guy, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to pontificate before we’re too far into 2012, so here goes.

My credit card portfolio will revolve around my Chase Sapphire Preferred card and my Amex Platinum. I predict that the majority of my travel and dining expenses are charged to my Chase Sapphire Preferred card, with the Amex Platinum card being used for certain travel or general purchases where necessary to take advantage of some of the card’s superior benefits. I don’t plan any major changes in my card portfolio in the year ahead, and will, in fact, refrain from any new applications for the next few months. Interest rates are flirting with levels that might lead the MJonTravel team to consider a “re-refinancing” of our mortgage, and I don’t want a bunch of new credit applications hanging on my credit report right now.

I expect my travels in 2012 will be much like 2011. My business travel will be less than some previous years, and my personal travels will remain even or perhaps increase. Of course, any of this could change at the drop of a hat, and I could find myself on the road for work more than I imagined. Only time will tell. Depending on my schedule, I could envision a little more mileage running than I’ve done in the past just to make sure I hit my elite status goals for the year. The MJonTravel team will return to Europe this year as well…..and we are both looking forward to that!! We are planning on only 2 cruises in 2012. One sailing on Royal Caribbean in mid-January, and one on the then brand new Celebrity Reflection from Venice to Barcelona in November.

Where will 2012 take you?