You might have noticed a little tweak to the blog recently. My slogan from the beginning, “an ex-airline guy blogs on airlines and travel” has been dropped in favor of something that I think better captures the essence (I can’t believe I just said the word “essence”) of what I do here at MJ on Travel. My new slogan is “Tips On Traveling Well.”

Truth is, I rarely get into a deep dive on anything about airlines here on the blog. It’s not that I’m afraid to, it’s just that my day job involves some not insignificant contact with the airline industry on operations matters and I feel like it’s best that I draw a clear line in the sand, if you will, between this blog and what I do during normal working hours. I love traveling well, and helping others do the same. Leveraging mileage and points programs as well as credit card offers to make travel just a little more pleasant is one of my favorite things to do. I’m grateful to Randy and all the folks at for making it easy for me to share insights about that here.

Here’s to mutual success in traveling well and many more years of MJ on Travel. Thanks for reading!