Hello from the United Red Carpet Club at Orlando International.  I’m back from a short cruise on Royal Caribbean which was preceded by viewing the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis.  What an awesome experience!  I’d really hoped to have been able to share more of what was going on with you live from the scene, but AT&T iPhone would have none of that.  With the estimated 1 million additional people in town to view the launch, suffice it to say my internet access experience during the launch was less than optimal.  Heck, my Verizon BlackBerry even struggled intermittently, and it almost always works.

As mentioned in a previous post, I have a few pictures that I will look forward to posting, and my buddy Phil, who owns a real camera has agreed to share a couple with the blog as well.  In the meantime, I’m waiting for my US Airways flight back to DCA, and catching up on some work.  Hope to do some of that on board the flight as well.  When I checked in online yesterday afternoon, US Airways was offering upgrades for $100 dollars per person.  I bit!  Hopefully, the extra space will help a little.