The Chicago Seminars are approaching (October 11-13, 2013), and once again, I’ll be presenting on my favorite topic – cruise vacations! πŸ™‚ Of course, the main focus of the seminars is leveraging points and miles, and I’m looking forward to learning from the other fantastic presenters as well!

Confirmed Speakers so far are:

Brian Kelly, the PointsGuy
Ben Schlappig from One Mile at a Time
Summer our MommyPoints
Daraius Dubash Mr. Million Mile Secrets
Our Mad Scientist Greg the Frequent Miler
Rene from Delta Points
Captain Denny Flanagan
Stefan of Rapid Travel Chai fame and offbeat adventures
Mr Steve Belkin “Beaubo the Contrarian”
Hans Mast of Shopping Portal Fame
Marshall Jackson on Cruising
John Nielson on Three Trips for Two
Bikeguy with Rookie Bootcamp
Howie Rappaport with Managing Family accounts
Cara Kretz ITASoftware by Google
John Lopinto of ExpertFlyer
Cliff Stratton with Computer Help for all
Rick Ingersoll the Frugal Travel Guy

My presentation will include a basic primer on cruising as well as hints on saving money, and leveraging your rewards points to either pay for or defer the cost of cruises. Anything else you think I should cover? Whether you attend my session or not, I hope to see you in Chicago in October! Click here for more details and links to registration and hotels.

-MJ, July 5, 2013