No, this isn’t about how I dutifully do my share of the laundry, it is about keeping MJ on Travel in order. This is an administrative post, if anything, and it’s one that will tell you about a thing or two that have been done, and more things that are to come.

The BAcon conference of Boardingarea and other bloggers that I attended last weekend is no secret. I learned a lot, and I am going to be implementing some changes here that I hope make the blog better and more beneficial for readers. I’ll tell you something that I’ve done already. I’ve had a menu bar up top for a while, but I never thought about that menu bar as saying something about the blog. I reordered the tabs that I currently have as a result. Now they go something like this: Home (which is always be first), Ethics, About Me, Contact Me, and Credit Cards For Traveling Well (which is divided into Airline Rewards, Hotel Rewards, and Other Rewards).

Something else happened at BAcon too. I heard from a lot of great speakers, including my fellow BA bloggers, Two BA Bloggers spoke to us about some of their blogging successes. Both of them inspired me to be a better blogger, but one said something that has stuck with me in more ways than one. His advice was “write your passion” and that really resonated with me because it reminded me of why I started MJ on Travel in the first place. Write your passion speaks to me because that’s why I started MJ on Travel in the first place. I’ve told you before, my day job is very writing intensive…and editing intensive. As a result, writing MJ on Travel is almost therapeutic. 🙂 I’m sure you hadn’t noticed that I’m pretty passionate about cruising, but I feel the same about travel in general, and the tools we all love to use to help us do so in comfort.

I’ve got some other clean up work to do with the blog as well. Priority number one is finding a different picture for the area above the menu bar. Why? That is not me up there….not that I’m planning on sticking a picture of my lovely self at the top…but I want something different. I’ll find it. I mean, seriously, that guy has great hair. Second, I’m going to add a professional shot of the real me to the About Me page just so you can pick me out of a crowd ;). And finally, I want to take the name of the blog back to what got me started – MJ on Travel. You know who I am, and that’s the way I want it. I actually thought about joining the rest of the modern world and coming up with some cute moniker of a name. In the end, the MJ on Travel brand is out there, I own the url,, and…well… I kind of like the way the logo looks. Besides, what would I call the blog? Captain Baldman Flies Up Front would make for one heck of an email address change. 😀 Most, if not all of this will likely need to wait until some behind the scenes IT upgrades are done at Boardingarea. Then I’ll feel like I can bug the great folks there with some mundane template tweaks.

In the meantime, thanks for reading MJ on Travel. I feel like the next 1,500 posts are going to be a lot of fun.